If your focus right now is weight loss, you might be interested to know that there are some very powerful natural weight loss spices that can amp up your results. And some of them could be in your kitchen pantry right now. You see, while the weight loss journey is different for everyone, it isn’t always as simple as a “calories in, calories out” equation.

In fact, your body works to burn unwanted pounds in many different ways. Calories are not the only player in the weight loss game. A variety of factors are a part of any weight loss equation, including hormones, sleep quality, and even the kinds and amounts of natural herbs and spices you add to your diet. Able to bring loads of flavor to any recipe, herbs and spices can help you cut back on the empty calories found in sugary sauces and spreads used to add extra flavor to meals.

Did you know that some of the most common spices you have in your kitchen are also scientifically proven to be weight loss spices? And you may be able to burn more calories by simply adding one or more of them to your diet. Are you ready to learn about which natural spices can help you achieve your weight loss goal?

Here are six natural weight loss spices that rev up your body’s fat-burning ability:

Weight loss spices | Spice Fit

1. Turmeric

This traditional root spice (ribosome) has a flavor that you can find in Asian and Indian cuisine. Known for its powerful, highly effective anti-inflammatory abilities, turmeric is a spice that not only heats things up in your kitchen, but it also increases internal body heat to burn more calories – even when your body is at rest. This effect is the result of turmeric’s natural capacity to boost the process of heat-induced fat burning known as thermogenesis.1

Studies confirm that adding a turmeric extract to your daily weight loss regimen may help to speed up your results by boosting the thermogenic process. In one study, participants reported more fat loss than the placebo group – in just eight weeks.2

2. Moringa Leaf

This is not a very common kitchen spice, however, the leaves of the moringa tree are confirmed in clinical trials to help humans lose weight. When compared to placebo, overweight study participants who consumed moringa leaf extract reported significant reductions in blood sugar levels – a major contributor to unwanted weight gain and an increased risk of diabetes.3

And that’s just one way moringa leaf works to support your weight loss efforts. In another study, 30 women who took just 7 grams of moringa leaf powder as a supplement every day for 3 months reduced their fasting blood sugar levels by nearly 14 percent.4

3. Cinnamon

You probably already know all about the slightly sweet flavor of warming cinnamon. But did you know that this seasonal spice can work wonders on your waistline? So don’t just add it into hot cocoa and holiday pie recipes, because this simple spice can heat things up inside your body for faster fat loss year-round.

Cinnamon is derived from the bark of a tree, however, in powder form it can easily be added into food, sauce, and beverage recipes to boost the effects of the thermogenic process. Scientists suggest that cinnamon’s beneficial effect on fat loss is due, at least in part, to a compound called cinnamaldehyde, known to aid in reducing one of the most stubborn types of fat: belly fat.5

4. Ginger

This root herb is closely related to turmeric, but has a very uniquely sweet, spicy flavor that adds many health benefits to any meal. In addition to helping to reduce all types of tummy troubles, including nausea and diarrhea, ginger may also help speed up weight loss results.

In one study on the use of ginger for overall weight loss, participants who consumed just 2 grams of potent ginger extract reported significant decreases in body mass index (BMI), in just 12 weeks. These conclusions led researchers to believe that ginger supplementation may help to boost weight loss results over a sustained period of time as well.6

weight loss spices | Spice Fit

5. Garlic

With its pungent aroma, potent flavor, and it’s powerful antimicrobial activity, you cannot go wrong with garlic. Used in many different recipes (and especially in Italian cuisine), you can add it into dishes crushed or as a powder.

The benefits of garlic for weight loss have been well-known for centuries, and today, science confirms its effects. One recent study, published in the journal Advanced Biomedical Research, showed that participants who consumed 400 mg of garlic powder daily noticed significant body fat loss.7 The essential oil of garlic has also been shown to offer an anti-obesity effect.8

Weight loss spices | Spice Fit

6. Saffron

This yellow flower is anything but mellow. Able to add a sweet-but-subtle flavor and fragrance to any meal, saffron contains several beneficial active phytochemical compounds known to offer potent anti-inflammatory effects, including crocetin, crocins, and safranal. Considered to also have a satiating effect on your appetite, saffron may help to reduce hunger and cravings when added to a weight loss menu.9

Losing weight isn’t something that just happens. It takes time and dedication to eating a healthy, balanced diet every day, and getting regular exercise to reach your goals. However, it is possible to speed up the process with these six natural spices that rev up your fat burning furnace for faster fat loss.

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